Sri Lanka Tourism Analysis

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1. Sri Lanka is a small Island that richest of Eco-resources which is having fabulous places, coast lines, and mountains, views, jungle and animal’s .It was a prominent destinations for the tourist for Centauries that made the tradition and culture in Sri Lanka through those travelers and tourists. The tourism of Sri Lanka was gradually increased till mid 1980s and the impact of ethnic conflict rapidly decrees the popularity towards Sri Lanka and it made law income from tourism. After the Elam war Sri Lanka has identified that impotency of the tourism to their economy. Achieving another significant milestone in the country’s flourishing tourism industry. Sri Lanka Tourism welcomed the appearance of 1,000,000th travelers in year 2014 at the…show more content…
Tourism is one of the largest and the fastest growing industries in the world economy and the tourism industry plays a key role in regional development. Jaffna district is a highly potentials area with many advantage of nature that helpful to develop the region. The image of tourism in Northern Province had changed by war during the last three decades. But the war is mostly over, and Sri Lanka is now stable and this is the time to develop the districts. Jaffna district can benefit much more benefited by promoting tourism industry. The Bio diversity, different type of forest, wild life of natural forests, historical places, religious places and beaches enhance the Jaffna district‘s potential to promote the tourism. Henceforth, the tourism can improve the regional development. If Jaffna district has concentrate more on tourism, it can benefit from the tourist industry without endangering it‘s social, cultural and environmental…show more content…
Sri Lanka is a country is having lot of tourism resources covering every part of the Island. Jaffna peninsula is an area where having lot of tourism resources considering nature culture and adventure. During last 30 years of war period tourism industry of Sri Lanka has considerably damaged .Since after the end of the war there had been lot of development projects were carried out in Sri Lanka. Compare with other tourism zones in Sri Lanka, tourism in Jaffna peninsula is still in primary stage of tourism development. Main reasons for the less development are the government and the privet sector has not implemented proper tourism development strategy in Jaffna peninsula and the other hand they have not conducted proper awareness programme targeting the people in Jaffna

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