Sri Pingali Venkayya Character Analysis

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"Opportunities are spread in the way to be used gaining all the profit from them makes everyone amused these are the way to live a happier life these are a way to cut the tension with the knife."
Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. Sri Pingali Venkayya was the perfect opportunity user as he used every opportunity in his life to make him a renowned person and the way he used them to develop his knowledge is untraceable by even a single citizen of the world. He used to develop his knowledge at every phase of life. From the initial stage of his life, he used to find the slag times to deepen his knowledge. After the completion of his high schooling, he referred Cambridge for his senior studies. Instead of a life
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He ignored his lack of money but gained the profit of utilizing the opportunity he got to study in foreign and develop his knowledge. In the mean time, he also had a company with Mahatma Gandhi and he drunk that opportunity with a complete heart and increased his ideal thinking and it made him a pure and deep thinker and an ideologist. It was not the end, he worked as a railway guard but his feeling of Patriotism couldn 't allow him to stick to a permanent job and forget about the condition of the nation. He, then also, sipped the opportunity and learn the working of railway guard and moreover acted as a politician and freedom fighter. He was also known as 'Diamond Venkayya ' as he was an authority on Diamond Mining in Andhra Pradesh. This also signifies that the great man was a perfect opportunity user and profit gainer. He was also known as 'Patti Venkayya ' or 'Cotton Venkayya ' as he remarked himself in the field of Cotton Cultivation. He almost spent his fortune in experimenting new methods of cultivation among the ginger plantations at Kurnool. It was his uphill struggle that he was able to secure a position…show more content…
During the session of INC at Kakinada, he suggested that the nation should have a flag of its own to identify the real India. Gandhi was impressed by his words a lot and asked him to design the flag. He ate the opportunity and from that opportunity gave birth to the real and ultimate INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG, THE TRICOLOR inspired by the flag of Vandematram Movement. The opportunity gave him the chance to be called 'The Designer Of The Indian National Flag ' and this was the only result of his diligence and ultimately, the flag was adopted as the official National Flag of India.
Overall, the great man was hardworking and was a man who was not shame of cheap works or who was not overconfident of his great works. He did everything from Earth to Sky, from bottom to low, from low to high and from a farmer to

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