Srimad Bhagavad Gita Analysis

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ESSENCE OF SRIMAD BHAGAVAD-GITA By Ashok K. Sharma, Ph.D. (2015) DISCLAIMER This book is not a literary translation of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Any reference to Christianity, Islam or other religions and Prophets is only for making the subject more comprehensive and rational Dr. Ashok K Sharma TITLES OF CHAPTERS Chapter 1 ATTACHMENTS AND ILLUSIONS Chapter 2 THE ETERNAL SOUL Chapter 3 DOCTRINE OF KARMA Chapter 4 RETURN OF GOD TO EARTH Chapter 5 SPRITUAL NIRVANA-THE ENLIGHTENMENT Chapter 6 ART OF MEDITATION-DHYANA YOGA Chapter 7 COSMIC EVOLUTION Chapter 8 JOURNEY OF SOUL Chapter 9 UNDERSTANDING GOD-1 Chapter 10 UNDERSTANDING GOD-2 Chapter 11 UNDERSTANDING…show more content…
But O Arjuna, I stand above both the Nature (Prakriti) and the Soul (the Atman). I am present in everything as matter and percept. I am the taste of water, the fragrance of earth, the radiance of moon and sun, the warmth of fire, the glory of the nobles, the courage of warriors, the desire (Kama) and illusions (Maya) of life and the hymn of the divine mantra “AUM”. I am the seed of all that exists. I am the intelligence of the intellectuals and elegance of the elegant. I am the source of the three Gunas (virtues); Sattava (purity), Rajas (materialistic desires) and Tamas (the darkness) that defines human nature but I am not affected by them. I, only, know the past, the present and the future. There is no one above me and there is no one who understands me…show more content…
No one but God himself is the ‘knower of this field of activity’. He is the Super- Soul (Param-atman) and origin of the individual-Soul that dwells in individual body. You are thus connected to God through your ‘individual-Soul’. As the Sun illuminates the world, the Soul illuminates the entire body. The body ceases to exist once the Soul leaves the body. Thus the Soul is not a material thing”. “The individual Soul, in spite of being a part of the same Super- Soul, is different in different bodies. In a dog it behaves like a dog but in a deity it behaves like a deity”. “While the individual Soul enjoys activities of the body, the Super- Soul (the God) does not take part in your day-to-day activities and is unaffected by its actions”. “Everything that you see around, moving or non-moving has come into existence from the union of Purusha (the God, the Super-Soul) and Prakriti (the Nature, the Adishaktai). Prakriti is one of the four most important elements that govern life. It is the most wonderful creation of God and source of all materialistic aspects of life. Prakriti has the same relationship with God, as the body has with the soul. They are like matter and energy; same but

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