Ssc Garcia Case Study

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SPC Garcia exceeded the XVIII Airborne Corps Noncommissioned Officer Basic Leader Course graduation requirements with an overall 98.60% grade point average earning Commandant's List recognition. His high level for excellence allowed him to pass all performance evaluations the first time with superior ratings. His professionalism, military bearing, and dynamic confidence were motivational to his squad throughout the Basic Leader Course. He sought self improvement through participation in classroom discussions and shared past experiences with the class enhancing the classroom environment. SPC Garcia portrayed excellence and clarity in all written communication requirements paying strict attention to detail resulting in one of the best ratings in the…show more content…
SPC Garcia was selected above his peers to serve as the platoon sergeant; accepting additional responsibilities willingly, SPC Garcia remained motivated which was infectious amongst his peers. His initiative, technical and tactical knowledge are exceptional for a junior enlisted Soldier. SPC Garcia took the time to help others apply Troop Leading Procedures during the Situational Training Exercise. His well rounded leadership, impeccable character, and professional competence led to his squad having a successful mission. SPC Garcia embodied the Army Leadership Requirements Model and demonstrated the attributes and competencies of a true leader exhibiting all the essentials of a great Noncommissioned Officer. SPC Garcia fully supported the Army's policy on SHARP and Equal Opportunity fostering a climate of dignity
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