St Boniface Research Paper

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Some of Willibald’s description of Saint Boniface career was one of mobility. St. Boniface (whose real name was Winfreth), served God at a very young age and joined the monastery after his richly fathers passing. Once in the monastery Boniface gave up all worldly possession and endowed himself in the work of God. During medieval times, monk’s activities and values were very important. They are a group of people that are knowledgeable in classical world writing and different languages. Monks are also known as Benedictines due to the fact they followed rules by St. Benedict. Activities also consist of pilgrimage which included visiting Holy shrines in churches. The Monks prayed all day, had Gregorian chants, welcome traveler, cared for the sick, and orphans. I learned from the eighth century belief systems of Christianity, consisted of great rituals which practice ceremonies of baptisms, rituals of purifications, their belief they attached other groups such as non- Jews which were considered God-fearers; these groups of people reside in eastern Mediterranean. Rome’s lifestyle began to adapt to these beliefs also, Christianity encourage the value of community. A pagan on the other hand was someone who stayed in the country side with an ignorant lifestyle who would not change from…show more content…
Some was to improve the methods of the church and some was to improve their lifestyle for the opportunity of themselves. The purpose in all this was to serve God and fellow the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The power of the Roman Catholic Church was the greatest when the cathedrals were built and from birth to death middle ages, population were dominated by the church. The weakest Roman Catholic Popes in my opinion were is Pope Leo X who sold indulgence for
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