St Catherine Of Alexandria Importance

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Saint Catherine of Alexandria, also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel and The Great Martyr Saint Catherine, is a canonized and virgin saint in the Catholic Church. On c. 287, St. Catherine of Alexandria was born in Alexandria, Roman Egypt. Alexandria at the time was the center of learning, culture, and religion. She was said to have grown up under a royal name, and possibly, was even a princess. Due to her family’s status in society, she was privileged enough to have a good education and excelled in school. She was extremely gifted, destined for greatness. At the age of 14, she witnessed “a moving vision of Mary and the infant Jesus, and she decided to become a Christian.”

Catherine was very well spoken and intelligent for her age. When her faith began to blossom, emperor Maxentius began to persecute Christians. This angered Catherine, so instead doing nothing, she took a stand and expressed her feelings towards his actions to the emperor himself. She criticized and denounced his harsh treatment of Christians. Maxentius found her efforts amusing, so instead of having her executed, he gathered a group of 50 people, all orators and philosophers summoned to disprove the beliefs of Catherine. During the debate, “Catherine was moved by the power of the Holy Spirit and spoke eloquently in defense of her faith.” Her argument was so inspiring , that she successfully converted several pagans that witnessed her speech to Christianity, who were immediately executed afterwards.
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