St. Clare Of Assisi Research Paper

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Background Information
St Clare of Assisi was born in 1193 to a very wealthy family in Assisi, Italy . Due to Clare’s father Favorino Scifi was the representative of ancient roman family . At an early age she became devoted to her church and after years discouraged her family to follow her dream of a long life of devotion to her church . Of fear of her father looking for her he spent years changing her accommodation between convents . With help of St Francis she established a religious order called “the Poor Ladies of San Damiano" they were nuns that took long vows of silence and lived in poverty . The group was renowned for their devoted lifestyle and their belief in the power of the prayer . During St Clare’s 27 years of suffering of illness she stopped two invasions by acting the holy eucharist in front of the invaders and for an unknown reason they fled in horror . St Clare died in 1253 and after only two years was canonised by pope alexander XI.

Clare with the help of Francis of Assisi was the founder of the world 's first Religious order for women. The first woman to write a Rule of Life, by which the whole holy order would adhere to. Coming from a society where women were seen and not heard, this was a demonstrative move forward within the Catholic Church in the 13th century.

Ortolana, was her mother 's name. Also born of Noble blood, she
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When attending Palm Sunday mass, she had been handed a branch of Palm. this is what she took as a sign, the sign she had been waiting for, to undertake the journey closer to Jesus Christ 's teachings and will for her. On the 20 th March 1212,that evening ,she attended a ceremony performed with Francis of Assisi. Her hair of gold was shawn, and her silk clothes replaced with plain cloth, and a simple veil. this was symbolic of being born once again into the eyes of Jesus. Leaving behind her vanquishing ways and displaying the plainness of self. bare before him to follow his word as he would have her do through the
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