St Frances Thesis

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“Are you crying because you want to do God’s will, or because you want God to do your will?” is a quote said to be spoken to Saint Frances of Rome when she was just eleven years old. Saint Frances knew she wanted to devote her life to God, but her family life got in the way. Saint Frances suffered in a way most people don’t, God made her wait to follow her vocation, even though she knew what is was from a young age. She would later learn that she had the right vocation, it was just not the right time for her to fulfill it. Saint Frances was born in Rome in 1384, to a rich and noble family. At the age of eleven, despite her father’s disapproval, she decided to devote her life to God. Her father however, had a different plan and forced an arranged marriage. She became so distraught with the marriage, she became deathly ill. While ill, she was visited by Saint Alexis in a dream. Saint Alexis helped Frances realize that God was giving her a choice, do his will and survive, or don’t and pass away. Saint Frances agreed to God’s will and quickly recovered. After her recovery, her mother-in-law passed away…show more content…
Like St. Frances, there may be a few distractions or incidents in my life, but in the end God did it for the better. I learned God has a plan for everything. I recently had to have emergency surgery, and I remember sitting in the hospital bed thinking, why would he do this to me. I haven 't done anything to deserve this, no good is going to come from it. After reading about St. Frances, and how God made her wait and how he was testing her, I know realize God was testing me too. He was testing my faith, how strong I could be, just as he did to her. St. Frances taught me to never give up on my faith. No matter what, she knew God would always be there for her, and now I too know that God will always be there for me. Saint Francis taught me something, but also helped me realize
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