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Saint Francis was born in Assisi late 1181, early 1182 being one of seven children, and his parents were Perto and Pica di Pietro di Bernardone. Perto was a wealthy cloth merchant and Pica was a beautiful french woman that also owned farmland around Assisi. Francis was originally born Giovanni but when his father came back from business he continuously called him Francesco. While growing up a sinner, Francesco had a love for his riches, partying, friends and the luxury life. Living the life of great wine and wild celebrations Francis dropped out of school to strictly party. Francis had the wealthy advantage which is how he learned so many skills as in archery, wrestling and horsemanship. Saint Francis was hoped to be a future cloth merchant…show more content…
Francis must not take advantage of the life he was living pre- war. And so he did. Post war Francis had a lot to learn about his new self and about the world. Francis had to open his eyes to the real world, the world of lepers. It is reported that one day while riding his horse, Francis ran into a leper on the countryside. Francis, like everyone else before the war would of ran and never even paid attention to the leper like it’s not a human. The lepers were treated horribly, they had to move out of the town where they were never allowed back in and had to wear bells so people knew when they were coming, to run away. Francis would go miles out of his way to not see the lepers and could never face his fears but overcomes that. Saint Francis was privileged and starts to learn his consequences. This one time Francis decided to view the lepers as something so much more, “a symbol of moral conscience”. He kissed, hugged, praised and appreciated the leper as a genital human that it really is. After this he felt relieved of his past life, like there was no more temptation to live the sinnful and unappreciative lifestyle. He was now free from the harmful life he was living that once gave him
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