St. Habraw's Day Massacre Research Paper

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St. Bartholomew 's Day Massacre was a terrible occasion. King Charles IX was a weak boy who was controlled by his mother. His mother, Catherine de Medici, hated christians and wanted all of them to be excecuted. So, she had a plan to do so. She pledged her daughter to one of the Huguenots to make them be at peace. She invites all of the Huguenots to the wedding. Even their Admiral, who led Huguenots into battle many times. The Huguenots hoped the marriage would lessen conflict between the Huguenots and the Catholics. The Huguenots Admiral was shot in the arm a few days before the wedding. Word got around and Huguenots started to leave. Catherine de Medici called for the wedding to commence sooner. Charles was taught by his mother that the end
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