St Jessica's Urban Medical Center Case Study

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According to the scenario, St. Jessica 's Urban Medical Center’s previous performance management systems were a failure. However, establishing a better approach may produce a well like system for the employees as well as management. Therefore, St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center must acknowledge there are many ways to measure and evaluate an employee’s performance to include graphic ratings, self-evaluation, and performance data. However, the system should provide feedback that allows management to compile personal feedback form various workers to build an instinctive evaluation of an employee’s contribution. Before implementing this tool, St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center should select appropriate measures for its organization and how to use…show more content…
The framework design for use in any type of business should include: A performance measurement matrix, performance measurement questionnaire, a performance pyramid system, and a balanced scorecard (Chalmeta, Palomera, & Mattila, 2012). However, a good job description can clearly explain the company’s expectations for the job performed which should include the company’s goals. Therefore, documentation must continuously be updated to reflect the current and future situations. The goals should be different from the previous times of implementing the performance management system with the focus being on fair results. However, It is critical to build a performance management process and system to reflect the culture of the organization. Thus, the system should measure the employee’s performance against what he or she is employed to deliver. Having said that, the standards set need to be realistic otherwise the behavioural standards will lose credibility with results yielding wrongly. Also, the center would need to consider past issues that caused unfair results. Consequently, it should also be determined how the performance management system is being used, be that as it may, systems facilitate the attainment of individual and corporate goals that allow data to track and monitor all employees individually as well as the
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