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St. Joan of Arc was born on January 6, 1412 in Domremy, France to parents of the French peasant class. At age thirteen she saw visions and heard voices of Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret. They each told her to drive the English from French territory. Joan then exclaimed, “They were so beautiful.” When she was sixteen Joan asked her relative, Durand Lassois, to take her to Vaucouleurs to acquire permission to visit the French Royal Court in Chinon. St. Joan of Arc was then escorted to Chinon as a male soldier for safety. She asked Charles VII to travel to Orléans with the army and he later accepted. The army then won the battle at Orléans and went into many more battles, and they also made a truce with the English. Soon after the truce with England Joan was captured by Burgundian troops, and was sentenced to die in 1431. She had been tied to a pillar and was burned. Before they burned her she asked a priest if she could hold a crucifix before her. Centuries after her death she became known as a semi-legendary figure.…show more content…
Joan of Arc is now the patron saint of soldiers and France. She is shown as a symbol of integrity because she died for what she believed in. St. Joan of Arc’s feast day is celebrated on May 30. It is celebrated on this day because May 30 was the day she was burned at the pillar. Some of the virtues that she is most known for are courage, justice, faith, wisdom, fortitude, and devotion to God. St. Joan of Arc is a great role-model. I chose to be confirmed with her because she doesn’t give up. In addition, St. Joan of Arc never stopped believing in God. Throughout her whole life she listened to God and listen to what he told her to do. Even when she was about to die, she held a crucifix before her to represent Jesus. I hope to imitate my saint by being a role-model to people both younger and older than me. In conclusion, I would like to always have God by my side and always love

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