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St. John Paul II; The greatest Man of our times (1920- 2005)
Part 1

Karol Józef Wojtyła was born on May 18th 1920 in Wadowice Poland as the third child of Emilia and Karol Senior. He had an older brother Edmund and a sister Olga who died as an infant. Karol was baptized merely a month after his birth, on June 20th 1920. While he was just a child, his mother would constantly say “A great man will grow out of Lolek”. Brought up in a religious household, from his earliest years Karol was devoted to God and often alter-served at Church.

Although he was born into a loving family, his early life was marked by suffering and loss. In 1929, exactly one month before his 9th birthday Karol’s mother suddenly passed away due to heart and kidney failure. Three years later, another tragedy struck the Wojtyła family. Karol’s brother Edmund who was a doctor and physician while trying to save a patient sick with scarlet fever, caught the illness himself and died. After this terrible occurrence, Karol was left alone with his
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John Paul II was without doubt a person who strongly contributed to Europe’s History and a role model who altered it for the better. He was the man who transformed not only it’s mentality but left it a better place than he discovered it despite the hard political times. St. John Paul II was a morally guiding idol, a mentor and a symbol of faith which as he showed, has power over everything. What will never cease to amaze me is how he managed to captivate the hearts of so many people from the furthest places of the world. Maybe it was the fact that he was always his same humble and simple self in talking with the poor, orphans and prisoners as with kings, queens, presidents and diplomats. He left behind a legacy of love, unity and universal brotherhood in defiance with the individual differences people were born with, and that is what makes him the person who influenced not only Europe’s History, but the entire
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