John Paul Letter To Families Analysis

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St. John Paul wrote a statement called “The Letter to Families”. His message was addressed to one of the most fundamental institutions in our society, the family. In the former Pope’s letter, he explained the Fourth Commandment: “Honour thy Father and Mother” in detail and what it means to truly “honour” them. This is because the institution of the family has been under threat as a result of divorce, hatred and selfishness that weakens the love between parents and children. Moreover, as a commandment from God, it is a duty for all families to abide by it. Based on what he has written, I believe that it is important to truly understand what “honouring” your family as a means of worshipping God means. In order to live one’s life under the Fourth…show more content…
They deserve this because they are alive, because they are who they are, and this is true from the moment of conception.” This means that the Fourth Commandment does not mean that it is only children who should respect their elders. Parents have the duty and responsibility to treat their kids with love, respect and raise them to be good people. This is because there are many broken families where parents abuse their children in various methods or disown them entirely due to greed, anger and irresponsibility. In addition, as a result of contraception and abortion, it is common practise in many societies to deprive their children from the right of life. The physical advantage and higher authority of parents does not give them the right to treat them unjustly as children are a gift of God and also human beings. Moreover, families exist in order to promote love and compassion to the next generation. If you form a house out of hate, then a family cannot flourish or thrive in such conditions. That is why the definition of “honouring” is not just limited to children respecting elders but the reciprocity of love and selflessness throughout the
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