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The stories about St. John 's Wort date back to the first century when a naturalist named Pliny the Elder recommended its use for snake bites. Since the plant releases a red oil that resembles blood when it is squeezed too hard, it was thought to be a plant blessed by God. Early folks thought that the oil only poured out of it on the anniversary of the day that St. John the Baptist from the Bible was beheaded, which is the 29th of August. But the timing was actually just close to the date that the plant happens to reach full maturity each year. Christians also held onto the plant while saying a rhyme to keep pagans and witches away. Strangely enough, pagans of the time also used the plant for protection too. The legends have nothing to do with the continued use of St. John 's Wort though. It has remarkable health properties that have been studied by doctors in countries all over the world. And…show more content…
John 's Wort?

St. John 's Wort is a member of the rose of Sharon plant family. Its scientific name is Hypericum perforatum. At full maturity, it only reaches about 24 inches in height. Lovely flowers adorn the perennial, which is often considered a weed in some regions because it spreads so easily. It isn 't picky about its soil requirements. Anything from full sun to just a few hours of light a day will do. But it can 't tolerate an abundance of water. There has to be good drainage for it to flourish. The leaves and flowers of it contain the most important medicinal benefits.

Benefits of St. John
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John 's Wort. Researchers found out that it helps boost problems in the immune system well enough to possibly be able to treat AIDS and HIV patients. The testing on the plant increased at that point because they wanted to see what else it could do. And that was when they found more of its other

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