St. Jude's Cancer Benefits

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Whenever I think of a cancer treatment center, I always think of all the families who are going through a recent loss or a recent diagnoses of a family member. I can imagine people gathered by their loved ones saying their final goodbyes. Just thinking of this breaks my heart. Which brings us to this. If it was I who had ten million dollars, I would donate it to St.Jude's Cancer Research Facilities because it is a deadly disease, it is a real-nonprofit research organization, and it covers all expenses for families.

Cancer is among the top ten leading causes of death in the world. This disease takes nearly eight million lives every year. That is 7 percent of the world’s population gone every year. Only about four million are born each year which means we are losing about four million from our population just from cancer. There have been traces of this horrendous disease since 3,000 B.C.. That means that cancer has had no cure for 5,010 years! Science has really helped come close to a cure but is not quite developed. The number two killer in the world is cancer.
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One scam cancer research is the Children’s Cancer Fund of America run by Rose Perkins. For every one dollar donated, only three percent went to actual cancer research. The other 97 percent was spent on luxurious items, even college tuition. Another scam cancer research organization is The Cancer Fund of America ran by James Reynolds Jr.. This facility had did the same as the facility run by Perkins. They donated very little and kept most. Scamming and fake Cancer Research Facilities have been found all over the
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