St. Lucy's Home For Girls Analysis

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In music when a musician transposes a piece, they change the notes or the key of the song so that it matches their ability and personal taste. Transposing takes away the original sound of the song and instead has the imprint of the musician. Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the world’s most renowned composers, transposed his music. Why did he do this? When Bach wrote a song, he later changed the parts so that his favorite instrument, the harpsichord, would sound the best. Bach took the song and changed it so that it matched his personal interest; he thought the harpsichord sounded the best, so he revolved everything around that. Another example of taking something foreign and making it familiar is in the short story “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls…show more content…
The Jesuit handbook initially predicts that “the initial period is one in which everything is new, exciting, and interesting for your students. It is fun for your students to explore their new environment” (insert). During this section the girls are relocated and are forced to go through physical, external changes; at first, the girls are “all hair and snarl and floor-thumping joy” (insert). The handbook accurately infers that the pack would be excited and joyful once they are introduced to St. Lucy's; there is an original exhilaration the girls feel but this is temporary. In contrast, the epigraph from Stage 4 falsely states, “Your students feel more at home and their self-confidence grows. Everything begins to make sense” (insert). In this section of the story, the dance for the girls and boys occurs; at this dance Claudette forgets her choreography and experiences a breakdown where she nearly reverts to her native lifestyle displaying that she has only been trying to impress the nuns and that despite her progress, she will never be accepted by society as a human. The epigraph asserts confidence when chaos and confusion are what is revealed; the Jesuits may be lying to the nuns about the fact that in Stage 4 the girls should be comfortable because they are trying to preserve their power and once people start doubting them they would lose their power. A very common and relatable idea associated with politicians that Karen Russell illustrates is that we must be lied to and shielded to create
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