St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves Summary

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The following journal is over the short story “St. Lucy’s Homes for Girls Raised by Wolves” written by Karen Russell. There is a strong pack of 15 wolf- girls, who are sent to St. Lucy’s. They are sent by their parents because they are convinced by the nun’s that they are sending their children to have a better life. They are told that the wolf- girls will be made into naturalized citizens of human society. In the process of doing so, the wolf- girls are having to adjust to a new environment. The girls had a hard time adjusting throughout the 5 stages of the program. They were given new names, new scents, new language, new clothes, and many others new ideas to adjust to. While adjusting, the girls often felt depressed, isolated, and uncomfortable. In the beginning they wanted to run away from St. Lucy’s as fast as they could because it was extremely difficult. But they felt as if they had no one or nowhere to run back to. Within St. Lucy’s there was a lot of competition among the students. They always wanted…show more content…
Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” I developed an opinion on the subject of the story. My opinion on the subject is that I enjoyed the idea of the girls going somewhere new and learning a new way to live and adjust to a new environment. I also enjoyed the fact that all the girls adjusted in their own ways. Some of the girls had more of a difficult time adjusting than other. While reading this story it reminded me of the short story called “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” By Joyce Oates. The reason is because in the short story by Oates the mother compares Connie to her sister June. June is the favorite of the two daughters. While in the short story by Karen Russell, Mirabella (the youngest) is compared to her sister Jeaneete. Mirabella like Connie did not please the mother. The nuns were not the mothers but they were mother figures for the girls. Jeaneete like June did everything right within the mother/ mother figures
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