St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves Analysis

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in the story ”St. Lucy 's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell, Claudette undergoes a difficult and overstimulating experience trying to be retaught so she can join the human world. It is clear that Claudette has most definitely adapted to the human world and it’s civilized background. The pack would have been ostracized by both the wolfs and the humans if not for her parents wanting better for them. In the beginning, Claudette was very good at reading the foreign language,”But I had an ear for languages, and I could read before I could adequately wash myself.”she was very good at comprehending and properly using the language the nuns were teaching her. The pack then learned how to ride a bike,“a grim-faced nun pedaling behind each one of us. “Congratulations!” the nuns would huff. “Being human is like riding this bicycle. Once you’ve learned how, you’ll never forget.” when she started learning how to ride a bike, it is something she will never be able to ever forget. It is like what their learning, they’re learning about things that will be used almost daily, even if they want to forget about it they can never actually forget how to do some things, like critically thinking and speaking in a language that is accepted by humanity instead of a wolfish language. The last example would be when she got up and continued to practice through the night so she could perfect it.”That night I waited until my sisters were asleep. Then I slunk into the closet and
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