St Luke's Medical Center Case Study

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Saint Luke’s Medical Centre (SLMC) is large diversified medical institution with JCI (USA) accreditation, which provides all kinds of medical care in all areas of modern medicine at the level of international standards. It was opened in 1903 in Quezon City (near the capital Manila, Philippines) by American missionaries as a charity hospital, but now it is one of the best medical centers in Southeast Asia (among the top five), the clinical base of the medical college and research center. It collaborates with leading medical centers in the USA, namely New York Presbyterian Hospital and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. It actively practices all branches of medicine, and assistance is provided in accordance with modern Western
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It is also required to examine the patient in the hospital daily and to organize and conduct own special diagnostic tests and interpret their results. Depending on the patient’s condition obstetrics and gynecology doctor should change the treatment plan and determine the need for additional tests, participate in the implementation of preventive measures for the avoidance and reduction of gynecological morbidity, complications of pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum, organize and carry out preventive gynecological examinations of women using modern methods of screening for early detection and treatment of gynecological diseases. It is worth to mention that to identify pregnant women (in the early stages of pregnancy) and carry out their clinical supervision is under the responsibilities of obstetrics and gynecology doctor. In addition, he / she should conduct classes on physical and psycho-prophylactic preparation of pregnant women for childbirth and training them in the “School of mothers”, identify pregnant women who require hospitalization as well as select pregnant women and gynecologic patients to be healthier in sanatoriums. The doctor should take part in

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