St. Margaret's General Hospital Case Study

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1. What are the image issues in this case? Mary Wilson as a director of Marketing and Communications in Margaret’s General Hospital has to improve the image because it is in critical position. It is not essay to increase the visibility of the hospital because its location with three strong competitors. In order to compete, St. Margaret’s Hospital must raise its public visibility and awareness so that customers and potential customers are aware of the services that are offered and why these services set the hospital apart from their competition. Therefore, she has to change the name from old fashioned to modern name to attract both physicians and patients. Improving technology is also very important to provide high quality services made it…show more content…
Margaret is not a commonly used name therefore some may be inclined to view it as an old fashioned name. This could also be, or potentially could be having an impact on how the public also view’s the hospital itself and the services offered. Yes, the brand name should definitely be changed. However, there are things to consider. The purpose of the name change is to build the hospitals brand image. Therefore the name itself should be aligned with trying to build a positive and visible image for the hospital. In changing the name, the marketing team must search for modern name such as Medical Center or Specialist Hospital. In my opinion, Mary should do professional training to nurses to enhance the efficiency and productivity to them in the same time eliminates the medical errors. Thus, will be less pressure on doctors, advertising that we have best training for nurse which mean good reputation, and patients…show more content…
Therefor she should adopt the both of rational and emotional advertising. Rational advertising will play the role of justification and proving the emotional decision. Emotional will try to create passion and desire. In addition, emotional appeals should emphasize on safety, quality and hospitality. The technological advances are compatible within the hospitals, the human factors play a significant role to promote the hospital to public as an example: hospital with an excellent nursing crew and talent doctors will surely have a good reputation. Mary could target the advertising efforts towards the physicians who may be interested in utilizing the hospital. To mention the technology in advertising is very important because nowadays people have high trust in new technology more than handiwork, so, they will feel comfortable to that hospital due it care with new technology. Mentioning the efficiency of doctors and their scientific and practical testimony, and featuring the technical expertise, scientific evidence, and facilities to show the public that we have the best doctors with best technology. Using specialized publication magazine or journal, preferably health magazine that can reach the segment. Hospital can use direct advertising and marketing with help of customer data base, to increase hospital awareness and provide

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