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St. Martin de Porres
St. Martin de Porres was born in Lima, Peru in 1279. He is the patron saint of mixed racial harmony. When he was born his father was a rich Spanish conquistador that left because St. Martin de Porres was born with dark skin. He grew up in poverty with his mother until he wanted to follow God. When he tried to enter religious orders he was rejected because of racial laws. He died November 3rd 1639 of high fever (“Saint Martin de Porres”).
In St. Martin de Porres early life he lived with his mother and sister in Lima, Peru. He had very little education; only two years of primary school. Then he was sent
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The healthy brothers weren’t allowed to go visit them or care for them. One night Saint Martin de Porres went into the room where all of the sick brothers were and tried to care for them. He healed on of the people who asked him how he got in. When Saint Martin de Porres told him to not worry about this and his remarkable powers were made known such as being able to cure and bilocation. He got caught and was told that he was unclean. He replied by apologizing and then said why rules and authority were more powerful than charity and love. (“Saint Martin de Porres”). Saint Martin de Porres was attributed miracles like the Paraguay miracle and the Tenerife miracle. The Paraguay miracle happened in 1948 just about 300 hundred years after Saint Martin de Porres death. Dorothea Caballero Escalante was an 87 year old lady from Paraguay, who had suffered a terrible heart attack. The doctors said she only had a few hours to live. Buenos Aires the old woman's daughter and some friends were praying to Saint Martin de Porres. The doctors had given up so Buenos Aires begged Martin to cure her mother. Later that night Buenos Aires got up and said 15 decades of the Rosary asking Saint Martin de Porres to help. The daughter went to
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