St Mary's Food Bank Case Study

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The problem The nutrition problem that St Mary’s Food Bank is trying to address is the food insecurity. Food insecurity is an ongoing issue in the United States. Food insecurity is a term that is used to describe the absence or limited access to adequate food in a household (1). Even though there is enough food in the United States for everyone, some people are still struggling with food insecurity. Food plays an important role in the growth of the body. It provides the nutrients that the body need for its functioning. Food insecurity can lead to serious health complications. Children and elderly persons are the vulnerable populations and they are more exposed to the effects of food insecurity. According to the statistics, approximately 49.1…show more content…
This idea came to him when he was working at St. Vincent DePaul as a volunteer, where he met a poor woman who told him that the only way she could feed her children were grocery store dumpsters and soup kitchen. John was very touched by this statement, then he went to his local parish, St. Mary’s Basilica, with his food bank idea. He was given 3,000 dollars and an abandoned building. To express his gratefulness, he named the organization as St. Mary. Today, St. Mary is known as the largest food bank in the United States and in the world. The goal of this program is to decrease hunger problem among low-income people. The target population is low-income families including children, adults, and elderly persons. St. Mary’s Food Bank receive funding through community donation, corporation, and government. St. Mary Food Bank has many programs that are designed to help people who are in need, especially low-income people. One of its programs is called Emergency Food Boxes. The mission of this program is to distribute food to hungry people. Community Kitchen is another program that provides the culinary skill to those who cannot find a job due to certain barriers. Child Nutrition Program is a program whose mission is to decrease hunger problem in children in Arizona. Hunger Heroes is a program that St. Mary’s Food Bank created to recognize and honor all organizations, such as Macy’s, that helps to accomplish their mission by providing volunteers, and cash donation. Mobile Pantry is another program St. Mary’s Food Bank has designed to bring food to hungry people who are unable to come to the St. Mary’s Food Bank locations due to their disability. The branch that I went to on Thomas and 31st avenue has 6 staff. The number of volunteers varies between 50 and 100 volunteers a day. I think the site is making the best use of the staff and volunteers because clients do not wait too long to be
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