St Michael Fighting The Dragon Analysis

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The woodcarving “St. Michael Fighting the Dragon” engraved by the artist Albrecht Durer, is portrayal of the artist’s own battles fighting evil and protecting the world as well as it is the viewers. There are numerous aspects of this carving that can be used to interpret the entire contest that is good versus evil. The four angels, weapons they use, the multi-headed dragon, the presence of darkness, the village and the view of battle itself, all symbolize different elements of the good versus evil motif. There are four angels in this carving, all of whom are Durer, and every one of them are fighting different portions of the malicious dragon. Durer is seen with his long, spiraling hair, slaying, spearing, and shooting with his bow and arrow. He’s carved…show more content…
They are the goodness in the world that keeps the evil at bay such as the military. The military are a key tool in protecting innocent people as wall as other countries suffering due to terror and prevent further destruction. The type of weapons themselves also hold symbolistic features. For example, the spear used in the center of the picture, driving it’s blade into the neck of one of the heads of the dragon, represents bravery and power. It takes control and precision to use. Durer has to control the evil before he is able to destroy that evil. The swords used on the left and top right of the carving also symbolizes knighthood and authority. It’s one of the knight's duty to protect the people of the land, and the four angels slaying the multiple-headed dragon is protecting the mortals of the village below. The bow and arrow is a weapon that is drawn from the archer to its target. It’s what one of the angels is using, as if he is drawing from the goodness within him and firing it out to dispel the evil, in this case the evil is winged beast with sharp ears, bent horns, and large

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