St Paul Of Tarsus Impact On Religion

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St. Paul of Tarsus has made a huge impact on the Church by showing everyone how a single sinner can be changed by God for the better. Before his conversion, Paul was known as Saul, a tentmaker, Roman citizen, and a persecutor of Christians. Saul traveled to Cyprus and Asia Minor to preach to other Jewish brothers, and he later made three separate journeys to churches all around the Mediterranean Sea. During his journey to Damascus, Saul fell off his horse in a flash of light, and God called out to him, “Why are you persecuting me?” Saul was suddenly blinded, and a man called Ananias cured him and later baptized him. Saul’s name was then changed to Paul, and he traveled all over the Roman Empire evangelizing to Christians and establishing Christian communities. Paul wrote epistles and letters to instruct his communities, improving their mistakes and encouraging their faith.…show more content…
Paul impacted the worldwide Church through his incredible conversion, he has also impacted young teenagers such as me. He has shown me that no matter how many times I have sinned in the past, there is always a way to become closer to God the Father. He has proven that even the cruelest of people still have a chance of salvation in heaven. Like St. Paul, I will try to follow Jesus’ example by participating in Mass on Sundays and doing my best to interpret the Gospel. Mass is one of the easiest ways to connect with God the Father, and God the Fathers’ instructions to reach salvation are written in the
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