St Paul's Letter Summary

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This letter was written by St. Paul to the Romans in a stressful time for the new church. This was an awkward period for Christianity and the believers in Jesus because Christianity did not evolve into its own distinct religion; it was a considered to be a branch of Judaism and the believers, including the Twelve Apostles identified as Jews. The church then was governed by a collection of individual communities separated unlike how it is now, governed by one person of authority. This letter was written sometime between 55 CE and 58 CE, so around the middle of the first century. It’s the one of the oldest pieces of writing in the New Testament and the oldest of Paul’s authentic letters. At that time in the world, Romans were extremely powerful;…show more content…
One of St. Paul’s main concerns was Jesus and how he died for their sins and made sure they could live a good life with God. He says all they have to do is believe in God, put their faith in Jesus and all their wishes will come true. In his letter he also mentions eating and drinking a lot. He believed that if certain people’s faith wasn’t strong then you should still welcome them not disagree over opinions. St. Paul says that even though some Christians eat anything even foods that are considered to be unholy, i.e. non-kosher foods, it shouldn’t be made a big deal. If God doesn’t pay much attention to ones eating habits, you shouldn’t either. The same goes for what day of the week people choose to honor God. Certain Christians prefer one day as the best while others believe another is or some simply don’t really care. St Paul’s point in mentioning these two issues among Christians is all that matters is the fact that people believe in God and put their faith in him. You can eat what you choose to eat and honor God you choose to honor Him, as long as you are honoring Him. It is not their place as people to pass judgement on one another because at the end of the day, everyone will have to answer to God. St. Paul tells the Romans not to destroy their kingdom over these trivial
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