St. Pette Beach History

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St Pete Beach has a rich history and is most notable for being a very popular tourist coastal city. The city incorporated in 1957 and at the time was named St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. Local officials changed the city 's name in 1994 to lessen confusion and to give it a unique distinction from St. Petersburg, which is a nearby city to the east.

The City is located in Pinellas County and was formed through a combination of Belle Vista, Don CeSar Place, and Pass-A-Grille.

Convenient Location

The city is easy to assess because it 's just 30 miles from Tampa International Airport and St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport. Many locals enjoy the modern public transportation, which makes it extremely convenient to move about without the need for a vehicle.

The City 's Population

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Because the city has such a strong pull for visitors and vacationers, there are more than 3000 hotels, resorts, and other accommodations. During the peak tourism season, most of the hotels run at nearly full capacity. This is why booking early is essential for those planning to visit. The city is diverse in that it is a great place for families, single people, and those with young children to vacation.

History Preserved

The downtown area of the city offers visitors a unique view of the preservation of historic buildings and properties that add additional charm. Many of the buildings are included in the National Register of Historic Places. The rarity of finding such a city with both modern and historical districts is yet another attraction for tourists. In addition, there are several museums that offer a variety of historical exhibits.

The city of St. Pete Beach is a region that become home to many repeat visitors. Those who enjoy watersports, fishing, boating, and jet skiing find the city easy to visit and hard to
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