St Rose Research Paper

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Rose was a hardworking, obedient, and caring person as she helped support her family when her father lost all his money in the journey of mining. She would make lace and she would help with the family gardened. She decided to take on the role model of St. Catherine of Siena and she knew that her calling was to help the Indians and to be able to evangelize them. She had a charitable quality and wanted that to one of her focuses on life. Her family encouraged Rose to get married, but she already vowed her life to God at the age of five. Rose was afraid to be taken by vanity from her beauty and she became afraid that her beauty would bring suitors. Her mother was hoping to wed her daughter because she knew that Rose would be the most beautiful bride in Lima. Rose was sad to let her mom know that she was not going to marry because she swore to concentrate herself to God. Her mother accepted her decision, but thought that Rose should be in a convent. Rose did struggle with many disagreements from her family and her friends. The disapproval of noting marrying, from the people that was close to her, lasted until her death. Soon she…show more content…
Rose lived a very recluse life only allowed with the permission of her family and the priest in her small hut. She would also help some Inca natives who were hurt brutally by the Spaniards. The garden helped Rose provide herbal medicines because food was scarce for the family and it was well needed. Rose decided to use her garden to make medicines because it was from their own garden and it was beneficial to her family by saving money and it was helpful to those in need. While she was helping the poor, she was also helping her family by selling her lace creations and embroidery. The garden helped Rose learn a special skill in gardening, which will be helpful when she gets
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