Why Do God Exist

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Philosophy of Religion
Most of us opt for certainty in all things. In most of our endeavor we strive for certainty. In this quest for finding certainty we seek reasons to warrant our claims by way of establishing logical and reasonable basis for believing on something. In matters of our religious beliefs specifically on the existence of God we likewise seek reasons behind such belief. However, does giving reason for our belief really suffice to be certain in our claim for the existence of God?
St. Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher and a doctor of the Catholic Church provided proofs in proving the existence of God by way of a cosmological argument labeled as the five proofs of God’s existence. It establishes logical proofs as to how physical things
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The logical form of the problem pertains to the view that “the existence of evil in our world is logically inconsistent with the existence of the theistic God.” This form is demonstrated by the statement, “An omnipotent, omniscient, good being will prevent the occurrence of any evil whatever.” In other words, an existence of a God who has these qualities of being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent is logically inconsistent to the thought that evil exist granting these qualities He possess. On the other hand, the evidential form of the problem of evil refers to the view that “the variety and profusion of evil in our world, although not logically inconsistent with the existence of the theistic God provides, nevertheless, rational support for Atheism, for the belief that the theistic God does not exist.” This form of problem is basically about the suffering that people experiences in the world which can be considered evil for serving no purpose at all. Though there are sufferings which are considered to be evil since all for form of suffering are evil but still it brings about good consequences, so that they are considered justifiable. However, pertaining to the occurrence of sufferings that are pointless such as the killing of a one-year-old child evidently proves that God does not exist since if he exists he should have prevented pointless sufferings to…show more content…
Hence, in this case regarding the existence of God, I would agree with Pascal that when it comes to things that which we do not have certainty such as the existence of God who as Pascal said “infinitely incomprehensible” the most reasonable thing to do therefore is to believe since in believing there would be more
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