St. Thomas Aquinas Ideal Form Of Government

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Saint Thomas Aquinas was born on 28 January 1225 and died on 7 march 1274. He was the patron saint of Academics, students, schools and universities. He was well known as a theologian, political thinker and a catholic priest. He wrote various commentaries on Aristotle’s works such as “Nichomachean ethics.” He had various philosophies regarding law, political authority, just war, best government. Etc. His thoughts on the best government tells us that kingship was the most ideal form of government. According to St. Thomas, a single ruler with experience, love for nature and a deep importance for unity can maintain integrity and can avoid disintegration and division. He also
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Thomas Aquinas promoted monarchy with mixed constitution, he stressed on the disadvantages of tyranny. He admitted that the rule by a single person could be the best and the worst form of government if it’s not exercised properly. He believed that compared to tyranny, democracy would be preferable. According to Aquinas, a tyrant is a person who rules for the benefit of himself rather than for the benefit of the state. The most important aim of the king is to achieve the common goals and well-being of the state. He had set various solutions in the case of tyranny which includes obedience and duty. He believed that it’s the duty of the ruler to have obedience to his political authority which he has derived from god and such power will cease to exist if the king does not do his duty of obedience. Tyranny is born if the king abuses his power or if the title given to him was not within his capabilities and skills. He drew a conclusion saying that if a tyrant uses violence to attain authority, then a person who kills the tyrant to free himself and his state will be praised and rewarded for his act. He further argued that a person has the right to kill the tyrant because the ruler has not faithfully fulfilled and obeyed his duties as a king of the state. His major concern was regarding how to remove a tyrant successfully without bloodshed, war and loss of property. He says that it is better to bear a tyrant form of government if the loss of removing the tyrant is…show more content…
Thomas Aquinas have contributed immensely to not only politics but also education. His works have influenced the western cultures and religion. His thoughts on the ideal form of government has been recognized by the Catholic Church and can be applied in various aspects of one’s life. Various Christian leaders have applied the principles, ideas and philosophies of St. Aquinas on the best form of government in various social, economic and political situations. Even non Catholics adopted his principles in their modern life; one such example is Morton Adler who was influenced by St. Thomas’s book ‘Summa Theologica’ that he wanted to convert to a catholic. His theories have also influenced other political thinkers and philosophers to develop their ideas and principles. Several books have also been published based on the theories of St. Thomas Aquinas. His theories have been revolutionary for those who followed St. Augustine and various other political philosophers. His thoughts have been praised for its practicality, clarity and modernity. His writings on best form of government were first seen as a threat to not only the state but also to religion as he promoted monarchy- a rule by a single person. But his writings have helped the catholic churches face the struggles throughout the ages and make revolutions. St. Thomas’s influence grew stronger over time and his thoughts were used to develop theologies and helped in the formation of various
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