St. Thomas More: Man For All Seasons

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St. Thomas More truly was a 'Man for All Seasons ' because he put God at the center of his decisions, promoted social equality, and was a distinguished scholar and lawyer. Sir Thomas More was a Renaissance humanist. He stood up for what he believed in and would not deny and turn his back on God. More is a great role model and is still looked up upon even after 500 years. Thomas More is greatly known by his book called “Utopia”.
More put God at the center of his decisions for example when he refused to say that Henry VIII was the head of the church he neglected it and kept God as the center. He was then beheaded and then the Church blessed him in 1886 and became a saint in 1935. Even at his trial he always kept God’s role in his life. “I die the king’s good servant, and God’s first”-Thomas More. More would rather give himself up to the devil this is being said in the reading of “Thomas More as statesmen,” “More would give the devil himself benefit of law for the sake of justice and peace.” More has a strong belief in keeping things undisturbed all for
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Ever since he was young he had influences like his father who was also a lawyer and saw how the greatest leaders of London and how they were turning out to be. While observing he influenced Morton who then said, “will prove a marvelous man.” This means that he will be a successor and he will make change happen whoever has the opportunity to do so. In the year 1529, he became Lord Chancellor for King Henry VIII but as soon as Henry proceeded onto passing the “Act of Supremacy” which was acknowledging that he was the head of the Church. More then stepped down from this role. More was one of “Europe’s most respected scholars….helped end a politics of unchecked power and that helped advance a politics of democratic self-rule.” More was so eager that he was the “first to court everyday”. He worked hard everyday to become the best that he could be and did not give
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