St. Thomas Personal Statement

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My hope is to continue the legacy of my grandfather who had a very fulfilling and challenging experience throughout his time at St. Thomas. It was pivotal in preparing him for Notre Dame and receiving his PhD in Physics from the University of Michigan. I’m looking forward to the many opportunities that will be available for me to determine my future options for all aspects of my life, both educationally and spiritually. My main objective is to work diligently to excel in academics, athletics, volunteerism, and to demonstrate the core values and beliefs that St. Thomas represents. I feel that I can contribute by having the following attributes: Motivating others to be available to work as a team and individually, when challenging events occur to develop the skills to identify solutions and not give up.…show more content…
To most utilizing choice as a defined path of wisdom is an idea based on society, an acceptance of culture. Clear thinking, however, is a footpath of beliefs instilled by guidance and knowledge. I am honored to be at a point of my life where the choosing of attending St. Thomas High School is based on an understanding that heroic faith and comprehension all co-exist through dedication. The classics at St. Thomas embarks a set of those footprints through laudable instruction, per my Grandfather’s experience as an Alumni of Class of 54. This encouragement has helped my family and I appreciate the school’s tradition and value of worth. Just as God finds ways to pair us to his delightful ways, I’d like St. Thomas to consider my strengths with a prevalent simple minded fact, principles are chosen and given freely to those whom are willing to accept the
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