St1720 Unit 1 Argumentative Essay

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SRT1720 Description: EC50: 0.16 μM SRT1720 is a selective activator of SIRT1. Previous in vitro and in vivo studies using various cancer cell models show the role of SIRT1 either as an oncogene or a tumour suppressor gene. The oncogenic potential of SIRT1 is exemplified by studies indicating that blockade of SIRT1, like other HDACs, triggers growth arrest and apoptosis in breast, colon and lung cancers. In vitro: Treatment of MM cells with SRT1720 inhibited growth and induced apoptosis in MM cells resistant to bortezomib therapy without significantly affecting the viability of normal cells. Mechanistic studies demonstrated that anti-MM activity of SRT1720 is associated with activation of caspase-3, caspase-8, caspase-9, poly(ADP) ribose

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