Stacey's Courage In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Stacey’s courage Courage, people have many different meaning of courage, my meaning is standing up to do something that you think is right and what you think you need to do. In the book “Roll of Thunder,Hear my Cry”, Stacey, the brother of the main character, takes charge when Papa isn’t there, he strives to be the man of the house. He tries to take care of everything. Stacey shows courage when he gets revenge on the Jefferson Davis school bus, tells mama about the Wallace Store ,and protected Big Ma from Cassie telling about Strawberry,MS. Everyday the bus splashes the Logans on purpose, they have to go to school wet and home wet. The youngest of them all is Little Man, the cleanliness little boy in the book, loathed getting dirty. Little Man almost cries when his freshly ironed clothes get drenched in muddy water. Who Wouldn’t? Stacey can’t stand watching his little brother suffer through the white kid’s enjoyment ,so he makes a plan to get revenge on the Jefferson Davis school bus. “We put our hands to our mouths to hide happy grins.”(Taylor,57) They did it! They defeated the Jefferson Davis bus and kids! Stacey revealed his courage by standing up and getting revenge on the Jefferson Davis bus. What if he got in trouble? That didn’t matter because all he wanted was for …show more content…

He is willing to be the best he can be to protect, and be loyal to everyone. Even white folk he doesn’t hate them ,but he is not nice to them, except for his white friend, Jeremy Simms. He keeps protecting the one that got him in trouble and caught in drama. He’s not the person that you can’t count on even though he’s been through everything. He’s the person that you can count on even though people did him wrong. He knows people can do things wrong but he is there to forgive them ,but to never forget

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