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I would first like to thank the members of Mr. Stacy’s family for reviewing my application for the John W. “Bill” Stacy Book Scholarship. Sports are important because they allow students to learn lessons that go far beyond the classroom and stay with them for a life-time. The first organized sport I ever played was soccer, while I was still in pre-school. Back then, I was content to sit the bench and watch the game unfold in front of me, never really wanting to participate in the action. This kept up until one day my mom showed me a little tough love. She said that if I didn’t play, I wouldn’t get the coveted team snack that came after every game. You better believe that I never missed another game and, through bribery, I learned that I loved…show more content…
I have played since elementary school, but in all those years, I have alway been a very average player. I would go from being one of the best on the golf team, to the girl that only gets put in the game if the team was either losing or winning by a substantial amount. Through this experience, I learned humility, as I accepted that I cannot always be the best.
Finally, Track & Field taught, and continues to teach me the importance of teamwork. I have been a part of the girls 4x400 meter race all four years that I have participated in the sport. In the 4x400, I had to rely on three other girls to give their all, just as they relied on me to do the same. Had we not been such a cohesive unit,we would not have made it to our ultimate goal, the State track meet. I would not have the experience of running at such a prestigious event had I not had my team by my side for the journey.
Patience, humility, and the significance of teamwork have all been instilled in me through my participation in varsity athletics over the years. I cannot wait to take what I have learned and apply it to to new experiences, as I graduate from high school and move forward with my life. Thank you again for your
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