Staf Nurse Turnover Case Study

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Using Problem Solving to Address Challenges Turnover is a significant problem in many long-term care (LTC) facilities. In fact, the typical turnover rates in LTC range from 55% to 75% for nurses (Barbera, 2014). Maple Manor was no exception. Approximately eight months after accepting a nursing position at the facility, the nursing department began to have extensive turnover problems. At one point, nurses were working a minimum of 16 hours of overtime weekly to meet staffing shortfalls. I resigned seven months after the turnover issues began. At the time of my resignation, the turnover problem had not been resolved, but it did seem less critical. The Problem Solving Process Turnover issues are complex; therefore, it is important to use the problem solving process to correct these problems. This approach will help leaders define the factors that are driving turnover. In addition, it will help ensure the solution is capable of delivering results. Identify the Problem The director of nursing (DON) certainly identified there was a problem with nursing…show more content…
In turn, it is important to address turnover through a systematic problem solving process. It is vitally important to use facts, not anecdotal evidence to identify root problems, because as demonstrated, each stage of the problem solving process builds on the previous stage. If, for example, the problem is incorrectly identified, the solutions will be suboptimal and could even create new problems. Further, the action plan will yield limited (if any) success. The key to correctly identifying the root cause of turnover is to determine what drives turnover and retention. This can be accomplished through exit interviews and employee surveys. Ultimately, simply using the problem solving process is not enough to ensure optimal results – each component of the process must be adequately investigated to ensure high-value
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