Hospital Staffing Reflection

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This week we want to the hospital to learn more about the staffing process. On Monday, our supervisor gave us a chance to create a job description for chief of clinical nutrition, clinical dietitian I and clinical dietitian II. My group starts with chief of clinical nutrition we assumed the basic function about his or her job is supervisor to the clinical nutrition staff coordinating inpatient and outpatient clinical nutrition services. In addition, he or she is responsible for keeping communication between the medical and nursing staff. On the other hand, when our supervisor gave us a job description form of chief in National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA), the basic function of chief is coordinating all departmental functions. Additionally, the chief is…show more content…
After that, my group started to write a job description of clinical dietitian II then also we compared it with the job description form of clinical dietitian II in NGHA. The basic function of clinical dietitian II, which we created was similar to the NGHA form, but we did not mention that clinical dietitian II will work under the direction and supervision of the chief clinical nutrition department, and clinical dietitian II will assist and participate in the development of protocols and patient educational materials as a clinical dietitian I. Next, we started to list the clinical dietitian II duties, these were very similar to what we had been created, but in NGHA form there are some additional duties such as clinical dietitian II responsible for planning and developing nutrition classes and coordinate arrangement for the patients and families to attend the classes, relieves clinical dietitian in their absence and supervise patient meals a random basis also, update the patient menu. Additionally, when we put the qualification it was similar to NGHA form, but we did not consider the Arabic language and computer
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