Stage Five Of The Holocaust: The Final Solution

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The Holocaust was one of the darkest times in history. Still to this day, people won’t speak of it. We are the last generation that survivors will live in. The holocaust took place between 1933, and 1945. It is said that there were around 11 million people killed. Six million of those people were Jews. The remainder disabled or thought useless by the Nazis. About 200,000 disabled were killed. Lead by Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany and Heinvich Himmler militia leader, the Nazis party attempted to fulfill the Final Solution. The Final Solution, the plan to take out the Jews. Jews weren 't the only ones being targeted, Gypsies, Poles, disabled, and anyone they thought was beneath them. Which includes but does not limit to,…show more content…
Polarization, is the way that the hatred is spread among all of the people. The stages of Genocide paper says,” Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda.” Hitler held open speeches where he would talk about hating the Jews and how they shouldn’t be apart of society. The Nazis would convince people that the Jews were at fault for all the social and economic problems in the world. They would use posters, newspapers, films, and even movies to create the image of the Jews that they wanted everyone to believe. The Nazis were in control of everything including all of media. They taught about the Jews in schools. Hearing about the,” horrible,” Jews became normal to the Germans. During this stage the Nazis burned down some 250 synagogues. Over 7000 Jewish homes, stores, businesses and more were trashed, stolen from and destroyed. The Nazis even went as far as threatening the Germans who believed what they were doing to the Jews was wrong. The Nazis officially pulled the two groups apart when they took over the…show more content…
Denial is the part when the killers deny they did anything wrong, or people deny that is even happened. The stages of Genocide paper says,” The perpetrators....deny that they committed any crimes,” to this day many people still deny that the Holocaust even happened. People claim it was exaggerated so the Jews get sympathy. Some of the Nazis put on trial denied they had anything to do with the holocaust. The bystanders claimed they didn’t know anything was happening. People claim that only around 3,000 people died because of of the Nazis, that the camps could not hold enough people for 11 million deaths. People deny the Holocaust which proves that so many innocent people died for nothing. We, in this generation, are more likely to make the same mistakes, if people don’t start to believe that the holocaust really happened. The aftermath of the Holocaust was pretty bad and very sad. After the Holocaust many Jews still feared for their lives. Many anti-jewish riots occurred causing many more jewish deaths after the Holocaust. Thousands of survivors suffered from starvation and disease. Some groups helped Jewish people get their lives back. Many Jews moved west to other places to get away. Some places wouldn’t accept Jewish immigrants and would send them back to
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