Stage Hero In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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This is said in Act III, by the Stage Manager. The Stage Manager is saying that we all believe in something, and we all believe that we go somewhere when we die. Wilder is saying that a good percentage of the human race gets too caught up in the trivial nature of everyday life, forgetting the real nature of human existence. We are here to question what this “something” is. The Stage Manager says in the play that this something is connected to humanity. We are put on this Earth for a purpose, and this “eternal” is said to exist in each one of us.
Emily asks this question to the Stage Manager, after she has relived her twelfth birthday. It kills her to see how rushed life was, how little they cherished each second. She realizes what life really is after watching all the hustle that takes place even on her 12th birthday. When death hit Emily, she realized how she had wasted her life on Earth because she was repeating the same actions every day. Emily realizes that living people don 't understand how precious their lives are. She is able to appreciate every minor detail; every moment eye contact, every kiss, every hug, and every "I love you." We do not realize the true value of living until we are dead. People are often so busy and so consumed by work that they never stopped to realize how truly special everything is.
George says this to
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Most people wake-up in the morning, rush about to leave for school or their jobs, work or learn all day, only to come home and still not be able to relax and settle down, never once taking time out to stop and enjoy things for themselves. Our Town delivers a message for how we should live our lives: to the fullest. We should be thankful for every moment because we never get a second chance to go back and do it all over again. Simon is referring to the daily routines that consume people’s lives as a waste of time, they do not realize how genuinely short their lives
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