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I remember the first time I went to look at a stage play like it was yesterday. Being from a small Caribbean island, we do not have big theaters like those in the more developed countries. What we do possess however, are small intimate settings that are rich in culture and filled with laughter. It was a Sunday afternoon when my older sister and I got dressed to embark on the drive to Spice Basket to look at a stage play. I was uncertain of the dress code and was worried about whether or not I dressed appropriately. Upon arrival, it was clear to me that the dress code was more elegantly casual than casual, like I was dressed. People piled in as we got ready and took our seats to prepare for the show. The stage, with all its props was beautifully hand painted and well arranged, was waiting to be used. On the stage, a plantation with a great house and servant’s quarters on the side was being depicted. The announcer asked everyone to take their seats over…show more content…
I can still taste that delicious slice of coconut bake I had, paired with the salt fish ‘souce’ in locally made coconut oil. The refreshing maxi malt helped everything travel down a bit smoother. The announcement was made and we all got settled in rather quickly to prepare for the second half of the show. There were times that laughter filled the air and others when the dropping of a pin could be heard. Many of our cultural aspects were potrayed, especially that of the Baptist community which was in the forefront of everything. Their dances and songs and rituals were showcased. Coming down to the end of the show was just as lively as the beginning if not more. The singing and dancing all made the experience more memorable. When everything was completed and the cast was introduced, I found it so fascinating that they all looked so "normal “as compared to the way they were made to look during the

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