Stages Of Child Development Essay

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Know the main stages of child and young person development Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years.

Physical development.
From 0-3 years.
New born babies don’t have much control over their bodies. As they get a little older they start to develop some movements and actions known as ‘gross motor skills’ such as crawling, running, jumping, grabbing, pointing and much more. In the second year, children have more power to move their body. In their third year, children will start to develop some ‘fine motor skills’ such as holding a spoon, painting, colouring and scribbling.

3-7 years.
At this age, children will be mostly working on their developed skills. They will have much more control over their fine motor skill such as cutting, writing and drawing. At this stage most children know the difference between right and wrong.

7-12 years.
Children should know more about the world and where they belong. Children will grow hobbies and interest in certain things such as dancing, sports and singing etc. girls will start to show signs of early puberty from age 10-11. Puberty starts later in boys. Their bodies will change which can affect the self-esteem.

12-19 years.
At this stage mood swings become more apparent, children spend less
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Most children and young people will be having issues with their parents or families being apart which can physically and emotionally affect their development including poverty, as parents find it difficult to meet their needs. Most children and young people will be from different places, moving into a totally different place to where they from and find it hard to adjust, also speaking a different language. Some children and young people may come from a homed school environment so when starting into a new school it can be difficult for them to maintain different teaching techniques and would require additional
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