Stained Glass Research Paper

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There are many different types of stained glass. It is called stained glass because there is a stain that is applied to the glass. The stain is applied to the side of glass that would face the outside of the building. The stain that is applied is silver in color. The stain would be fired and then it would change colors. Any glass that has been colored, enameled, stained, or painted is considered a form of stained glass. It is also any glass that has had pigments baked onto the surface or metallic oxides fused into it. The most often way to present a piece of stained glass is in a window. It is also found in decorative lamp shades and various other light catching pieces. The art form of stained glass has evolved over time to create beautiful,…show more content…
It flourished until the reformation of the church. The reformation of the church happened in the 1540s. The religious outlook in England began to change after that. When the religious outlook changed people no longer thought that sacred art was something that was important. Stained glass was continued to be made for a couple of centuries. The demand for stained glass continued to decline over time. Less people were making stained glass over time. After a while there were fewer and fewer people who knew how to make stained glass. Some people made a serious attempt to bring back the love of stained glass. They tried to teach the craft to people so that it could start being made…show more content…
Stained glass pricing is based on many different variables. Stained glass can be priced in the hundreds of dollars. Stained glass can also be priced in the thousands of dollars. One of the factors of the cost of stained glass is quality. The price of stained glass is usually directly related to the quality and hard work put into the stained glass.
When purchasing stained glass the quality and hard work is usually what is being paid for. Cheaper stained glass is more than likely of a lower quality than the more expensive stained glass. That is a principle that is in almost everything that can be purchased and it carries over to the stained glass world. The glass used in the stained glass is often cheaper. The glass is the cheaper stained glass is often poorly made. It can be seen in the final product if the creator decided to go with the more expensive or cheaper glass.
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