Drainless Steel Essay

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Stainless steels history: “Stainless steels have been discovered by England and Germany in 1910, but the practical application and production began in the United States in 1920. Until 1990, stainless steels were applied extensively and became more are more popular.” Nowadays, “it is not a doubt that stainless steels are an important class of alloys, and they are used in many different fields. In normal like cooking tools, even in complicated machine like space vehicles” Stainless steels property: Stainless steels are able to use in many different way compare with other material. For example, in coil, plate, tubes, angle, round, wire, pipes and so on. “Stainless steels are iron-base alloys that include at least 11% Cr in themselves, the…show more content…
The outcomes of tensile tests are used in selecting materials for engineering applications. Tensile properties are frequently included in material specifications to ensure quality. Tensile properties are often measured during development of new materials and processes. Therefore, different materials and processes can be compared. Finally, tensile properties are often used to predict the behavior of a material under forms of loading other than uniaxial tension. Tensile specimens: First, tensile specimens have to have shoulders or thick part in both ends because of gripping. Moreover, the most important part in specimens are the gage section, the cross-sectional area of the gage section is reduced base on deformation and future which supposed to happen in this area. Then The distances between the ends of the gage section and the shoulders should be great enough so that the larger ends do not constrain deformation within the gage section, and the gage length should be great relative to its diameter. Otherwise, the stress state will be more complex than simple tension. Stress – Strain curves This is a typical tensile curve with tensile force versus tensile

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