Stainless Steel Rivet Case Study

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#1 Stainless Steel Rivets – Shiv Shakti Corporation manufactures a range of stainless steel rivets, available in a different sizes and shapes such as solid rivets and blind rivets in Ahmedabad, India. This rivet is made up of majorly two parts – the body and the mandrel. We primarily manufacture the stainless steel rivets of 300 and 400 series, which also includes rivets with a large head that is excellent for thin sheet materials. As stainless steel rivets are made from high-alloy steels, they have superior strength, resistance to corrosion, mechanical properties and durability. These rivets are used in a variety of applications like food processing, SS fabrications and refrigeration applications.
#2 Aluminium Rivets – We, Shiv Shakti Corporation, manufacture and supply a variety of Aluminium rivets with different structures and head types. Our range of aluminium rivets includes hallow aluminium rivets as well as solid aluminium rivets that are available in various head shapes such as round head rivets, flat head rivets, countersunk head rivets, brazier head rivets, and a few others, all of them are produced in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. These rivets contain the excellent properties of aluminium, such as light weight, high malleability, high strength and high corrosion resistance, and therefore, they are greatly
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Snap head rivets have applications where you need a permanent joint. It is a two piece rivet that can be used to join two or more materials of different thicknesses. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the Shiv Shakti Corporation has gained expertise in manufacturing snap head rivets apart from other types of rivets, and these rivets are greatly preferred because it is easy to use, fine quality, corrosion resistance and light weight. They are suitable for fastening materials like wood, metal, rubber, hardboard, glass, plastic and many

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