Stakeholder Relationships In The Ford Pinto Case

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Stakeholder relationships in the referred Ford Pinto case involved the company of ford, the employee and engineers as well as Gioia,
Ford’s field recall coordinator in the early 1970’s, competitors like the fuel efficient Volkswagen and Japanese imports motor company,
Center for Auto Safety, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford Pinto customer and user, deaths that lead from Ford Pinto’s design flaw, law enforcer and executors in the case.

When injuries and deaths happens and are related with corporation, the supportive party like the management of Ford or particularly
Gioia, the responsible field recall coordinator should have started with immediate investigation and make necessary action to stop the issue from worsen.
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Due to many cases related and overwhelming amounts of information needs to be processed and it seems impossible to actually investigate cases by cases, thus schema script method becomes common as it helps to categories and forms a pattern of involved issue, thus details of investigation does not used in the case and can be labelled together. This is way of avoiding details investigation and very little time is consumed to finish task.

However, involving with life and injuries issues should not be involved in the method of script schema as details must be discuss and investigate.
Even with high work load and overwhelming amounts of information, works can be distributed so that every details are investigate thoroughly and ensure that the customer involved do have proper protection needed in using the products.

Ideas and concepts can be discuss freely and giving comments on the case that have occurred but what if real issues happens on yourself and what might be potential obstacles that might cause yourself to break own principle and eventually become the immoral and not the person that you wish to be? Well, give serious attention on what is your own values and principle, have a strong stand on what your are and
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Thus its vital to consciously decide what is my own values before involve in the work. Then recognize every cognitive structuring of people so that the information and expectation would be clear in vision. Then the third idea is to always be aware of the corporate and even social culture which might affects the decision making. Final idea would be prepared to face critical responsibility even at young age so that self understanding can be made and eventually know how to tackle the weakness of ownself and able to make better decision in future.

The first one would be giving serious attention in assessing and articulate our own values. Knowing what is your own stand and principles are the points which Gioia wish to bring out in the context. People should consciously decide what is his own values and if his doesn’t then it is inevitable that people would be likely to decide for them and influence him to accept the culture.

The second would be recognizing his own cognitive structure and confront their own values as this would be vital in getting the core or even the key information. Lacking of the mindset to think theirself rather than following and taking automatic
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