Stakeholders Role In Policy Making

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3.0 Role And Important Of Stakeholders Involve In The Policy Making.
3.1 Introduction Stakeholder are interested in carrying out a company for reasons other than just shares appreciation. Stakeholders could be employees who, without the company, would not have a job. Someone or group who hold investments, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry. Stakeholder participation is this increasingly important for transport policy making. This hassle is due to the many groups who having role in environmental issues, of competing interests of stakeholders and the involvement of several levels of ranging policy areas, national and international. There are many stakeholders and policy levels involved in the transport and the importance
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Last but not list it is Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD). SPAD, which was coming directly under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, brought the formulation of government policies, planning and regulation of all aspects of rail, bus, taxi and a briefing forum and rail transport of goods under one roof. SPAD also have enforcement powers that it will run in close cooperation with enforcement agencies such as police and Road Transport Department. SPAD would play a key role in enhancing roads and public transport and rail-based transportation in the country. Land Public Transport Act 2010 clearly states that the SPAD must propose policies and plans relating to or involving public transport, and develops policies and strategies in line with the approved plan with the goal of achieving safe, reliable, efficient, responsive, simple, well-planned, Transportation public an integrated and sustainable manner, while ensuring the provision affordable services for carriage of passengers on and competitive services for carriage of…show more content…
To do some policy making, all of them must through procedure that would needed stakeholder as an expert. First will diagnose and determine the problem or issue that requires the development of policy. The organization should also know and understand the basic purpose and realize that the issue or problem could be effective addressed by creating or renovating of the policy. Second, appointed a person to harmonize policy development process Policy development process can applies over several months. There needs to be one or perhaps formed a committee to guide the process. Then, Set up policy development process. This process requires an investigation, consulting and writing basic tasks. Coordinators must develops such a plan what tasks need to be performed, by whom and when. Next need to do some researching within need to read the policy documents was created by any organization for similar topics, legal investigation on the internet, meetings with the helpful staff and other people who have experience and getting legal advisor. Next must prepare a discussion paper. The purpose of this discussion paper is to clarify the nature of the problem or issue, to simplify the information produce by the investigation and proposed a number of policy options. The discussion paper would be an essential tool in the consultation process. Set up a draft policy. When there adequate time for the negotiation process complete next step was to provide a draft policy. Lastly, Review and
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