Stalin And Hitler: Similarities And Differences

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Stalin and Hitler: Similarities and Differences

Stalin and Hitler emerged at the time when political and economic instability had crippled the USSR and Germany. They began making improvements which encouraged their people to believe that prosperous times await them. This notion would unfortunately turn out as an illusion. Both figures would eventually rule by decree. Despite treading on different paths of ruling, both figures still find some commonalities.

Two prominent differences would certainly come to mind when distinguishing Stalin from Hitler. The first notable difference lies in the fact that both men had reigned over different territories. Stalin was the dictator of the USSR whereas Hitler was the ‘Führer’, leader in other words, of Nazi Germany (McAleavy, 2002). Another major difference which separates both political figures is the ideologies which they embraced. Stalin was rooted to the principles of Communism (Waugh, 2001). This philosophy dictates that everyone in a society are equal and that all aspects of life are controlled by the state (Waugh, 2001). Unlike his counterpart, Hitler practiced Nazism during his tenure as Nazi Germany’s totalitarian (Waugh, 2001). Nazism asserts that everyone has unconditionally pledged their loyalty to the ‘Führer’ and that the Aryan race was superior to all other races (Waugh, 2001). Such contrasting beliefs would eventually play an integral role in discerning both men.

Both tyrants were also segregated by their dissimilar

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