Stalin Vs. Snowball In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Stalin vs. Trotsky. Napoleon vs. Snowball. These animals are the people that want to change everything. The change isn’t necessarily for the better. In 1917 Czar Nicholas 11 was overthrown just like Mr. Jones was ran out of the farm. Animalism is something that the animals have came up with but is later corrupted. Right before, the revolution began Karl Marx was killed just as Old Major was. The greater allegory in this story is to show you how corrupt the Russian Revolution was. In the beginning, Old Major had planted the seed of revolution into the minds of the other animals, but when he died who would carry on the revolution. He had not left anyone to lead after him. The two, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin were left to decide. However,…show more content…
Boxer was the hard working class and was tricked into believing animalism was great. “Napoleon is always right” (orwell ) is what Boxer lived by. Squealer was the one to who had a great big mouth and was Lenin 's government. The communism was corrupted by people who wanted more. The hard working class known in the story as Boxer have been tricked into thinking the life without communism would be horrible. After all “Napoleon is always right”. The system was corrupt by Stalin himself and who better to cover it up than his very own government or Squealer. The commandments were altered just enough for Napoleon to get away with anything. He had ran off Snowball who was one of the smartest at the farm, and any other animal who questioned him was killed mercilessly. For example the sixth commandment was changed from “No animal shall kill any other animal” to “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause”. When Jessie noticed a difference they were all convinced by squealer that nothing had been changed, they had only forgotten the end of the commandment. It is as if you have to create a board game and all of a sudden you’re losing so you change the rules to win, this is what Napoleon did to keep his reign of
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