Stalinism And Communism In Russia

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“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains”. Karl Marx put his faith in the belief that the working class of Germany was bound to revolt against the bourgeoisie. Communism is theory is a political system where there is collective ownership of means of production. Although his theory was not executed in Germany, it was in Russia and later Cambodia. Communism in Russia began after the collapse of the Provisional Government. Before Communism, Russia was under the rule of a Tsar, an absolute leader. Russian protesters pushed for representation and a higher standard of living until the Tsar abdicated his throne in February 1917. After the abdication, the dual government was made to stand as a temporary system. The the dual government was comprised of the Petrograd Soviet, an elected workers council, and the Provisional government, a moderate and democratic government. The dual system ineffective, and collapsed by October of 1917, when the Bolsheviks, communist party, staged an overnight coup. The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin eventually took over Russia. Lenin’s new economic policy was a compromise between capitalism and socialism. In this essay, the Stalinist Russia will be evaluated. Under Stalin, Stalin executed three policies: Collectivization, dekulakization, and command economy. Collectivization eliminated private property land reorganized land into farming collectives. Stalin seized the land from peasants, and primarily kulaks. Kulaks were wealthy peasant, who

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