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One cannot take away from parents the nagging concern they have for their children when these people they once cradled in their arms and lived with under the same roof for many long years suddenly pack up their belongings and started living somewhere really far from them.

One parent, though, seems to take things on a different level.

This particular mother anonymously shared to The Guardian how such concern turned her into her own “daughter’s stalker.”

Let me just refer to her in this article as the “Stalker Mom.”

For starters, Stalker Mom revealed that prior to her current favorite activity -- stalking her daughter, that is -- she had “no online presence” and had “survived for years without social media.”

Now that her daughter doesn’t anymore live with
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The stalking goes on every single day and she seemed powerless to control the urge not to.

“It is compulsive, relentless, draining … and deeply dubious,” she admitted.

The irony of this mother’s “24/7 stalking” is that it has no impact on making her miss Lucy “any less.”

According to Stalker Mom, Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer, an expert on parenting and child development, was “horrified, but not surprised” to learn about her online stalking habit.

Brewer said that Stalker Mom’s behavior and intention were similar to those of parents from days of yore who would personally check on their kids during their playtime at school just to see their playmates and watch them do thing alone or with others.

In her case, Hartley-Brewer -- mother to a 30-year-old daughter -- uses Facebook and WhatsApp to determine her activities and location.

She gave parents like her this warning: “They (the information made available by various social media) don’t get rid of anxiety, they create more.”

Staker Mom concluded her revelation by hinting that she would one day “let go” of the stalking thing but “just not quite
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